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Saint Joseph’s R.C. Parish

7th Week of Easter: Saturday

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Over the years people of the parish have generously contributed original poetry for us to include here. There is always room for more, of course, so if you write poetry and are willing to share it, please let us know - either face-to-face or via e-mail:

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Lost Poem

Half asleep and half awake
a very odd time when words
loose their straitjackets
and quite unusual couplings take place

that gerund is up to no good
and look at that substantive clause
moving in on a vulnerable verb
only trouble can come from that conjunction

even the colon is turning a blind eye
and just when you want cousin comma
and the paragraph police
for a bit of law and order
they’re nowhere to be seen

the whole thing’s descending
into pure anarchy
and then the light
the poem’s gone

Brian Butler

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