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Paolo Véronèse

This is a detail from Jesus at the House of Levi by the Italian painter Paolo Véronèse. He was born in Verona in 1528 with the name Paolo Caliari. Presumably it’s an Italian thing to rename people according to their place of birth - which is what happened to Paolo. He died in Venice in 1588 having become one of the major painters of the Venetian School. This painting is currently housed in the Academy, Venice.

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So, what would you do if Jesus was coming to your house for tea? It’s quite hard to imagine isn’t it; Jesus walking down your street, knocking on your front door? It’s also difficult to think of him wearing clothes that aren’t white and flowing. For me the idea of him carrying anything is a bit strange as well. As he stands there, dressed as he’s dressed, he is everything he needs to be.

    If a very good friend comes round to visit - someone who knows me well - I might tidy up a bit, but it wouldn’t be a big deal if I didn’t get time. I’d make sure that we had something nice to eat of course, but the time we actually spent together would be the most important thing.

    Back to Jesus then. What preparations should I make? If this is my one chance to meet Jesus as a human surely I’ve got to ask him some questions. Why did you make me fat? Why do computers hate me? Why does it rain so much in Cardiff?

    Really though, I think I’d probably apologize for not making the most of the time, talents, people, experiences, insight, possessions, etc. etc. etc. that I’ve been given. Not sharing these things in a way that befits one of his friends would also be something to be sorry for.

    The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that he’d say again - because I obviously wasn’t paying attention the first time - “Knock, and the door will be opened. Seek, and you will find.” It takes faith to live those words; let’s pray for faith.

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