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Diego Velàzquez Image

Diego Velàzquez

This picture is a detail from Adoration of the Magi by the Spanish painter Diego Velàzquez. He was born in Seville in 1599, and is considered to be the greatest painter of the Spanish School. This picture is currently housed in Prado, Madrid.

[ Larger Version of Adoration of the Magi ]

This showing of Christ to the Wise Men (or Magi), is also seen as the manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles. The Magi were not Jewish, and as such were not God's chosen people of the Old Testament. The word Epiphany, which is an adaption of the Greek word for ‘manifestation’, is ususally used for this episode in Jesus’ life.

    Of course, this can all seem a bit far removed if you live in a modern, North-West European world. Perhaps the same is true for other modern cultures too. Christ isn’t restricted by our technological world though - neither is he any further removed than at any other time in history. He still reveals himself to us through all aspects of our lives, and still offers us genuine freedom. We still mostly say No, but by praying for an open heart we can learn to say Yes more often.

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