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Children standing oustide one of the classrooms of Muheza School

The Muheza School

What is Muheza and why does it need our help?

Muheza is a village in rural Tanzania. A few years ago the Church was given a good piece of land there by the Tanzanian government, and asked to establish an English medium primary school. The area has never had a school before, and even though it is in its early days, it is doing crucial work. Typically, young people from rural areas of Tanzania are drawn to the cities. Tragically, with no education or skills, they often end up in prostitution or crime. The teachers at Muheza school hope to reverse that trend.

What is Muheza’s connection with the parish?
How did we come to be raising money for it?

After a good period of time working on raising awareness of FairTrade issues, the parish One World Group felt that it would be good to work on a long term project. We wanted to build links between our own parish and one that we could help over a period of years rather than months. We asked Fr. Joe Breidenback I.C. to put us in touch with the right people, and ultimately we were put in contact with a Rosminian Sister from Cardiff, Sister Mary Gwynneth. For her, the most pressing need currently is the building of classrooms. We agreed to raise money to help.

How can people in the parish help us raise the money needed?

  1. Come along to one of the social events we put on (see the Diary Page).
  2. Take a leaf out of Pam Hawkes’ book (she jumped into the Bristol Channel)
    and do something that can be sponsored.

What other ways can we help Muheza School?

If you’re a teacher, it might be possible for you teach there for a year. On the other hand, you might like to sponsor a local person to train to be a teacher - it costs £1500.

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