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A person at the end of a long pathway which is covered with autumn leaves.

A Lost Soul

I believe that you are there
God in Heaven above
But I have lost my way
And cannot find your love.

Yet when my life is difficult
I find I call your name
I don’t deserve your help
But you give it all the same.

You answered my prayer and let me be there
When my father and mother died
I knew they’d be safe in heaven above
From the look I saw in their eyes.

So why am I so far from you
How do I find my way back
Find the faith that others have
The faith that I seem to lack.

Sometimes I think I hear you say
I’m here I’ve not gone away
But I never can quite reach you
I always seem to stray.

God reach out and take my hand
I need to feel you near
For I am sad without you
And losing my faith I fear.

So you who have such faith,
Please pray for those like me
Who find it very hard
Who look but still don’t see.

An Anonymous Parishioner

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