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A bunch of pink roses in a rose garden. The sky in the background has a letter x made by aeroplane trails.

Love One Another

Love one another, it’s easy to say
But how can I love you when, day after day
You hurt me, ignore me and push me away
And never respect the things that I say.

Love one another, it’s easy to say
But if you don’t listen, should I go away?
I’ll never do that, with you I will stay
Until you decide to see it my way.

Love one another, it’s easy to say
Not just your friends, but all on the way
“But I don’t know how!” I hear when you pray
I hung on a cross, to show you a way.

Love one another, it is hard to do
When people abuse you and hurt you and damage you too
To take for your model, my love which is true
Love one another, as I have loved you.

Fr. Joe Breidenback

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