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A small yellow flower being warmed by the sun.

I Love You

Take heart my child I’m here for you,
Right by your side to help you through.
Life hurts, and heartaches you may face,
You have my love and special grace.
I’ll hold you gently in my arms
As you pray, and sing the psalms.

And when you turn to me in prayer,
You’ll know and feel my presence there,
To guide you through your darkest hour,
I’ll help and hold you in my power.
I’m with you in your happiness too,
And show how that I love you.

Just give to me your deepest needs,
My grace sufficient, for you it feeds.
Be patient as you wait for me,
A perfect answer it will be.
Time is not important now,
Because in time I’ll show you how to wait,
And simply trust in me,
To help and set you free.

My love is perfect.

Barbara Howe
(Saint Joseph’s Parish, Burton-on-Trent)

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