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A red cottage at the edge of a wheat field.

Thoughts Of Home

A chink of light from a curtained room
When all without seems dark and drear

An opening door with a welcoming creak
And eyes that know neither hate nor fear

A meal you share with the ones you love
Made by hands to feed the soul

Giving strength and life and hope
Healing hearts, and making whole

And quiet words, so softly spoken
Bringing peace, inviting trust

A peace to last, past understanding
When all our works have turned to dust

The rhythmic breath of a sleeping child
Breathes a prayer in the silent night

Praising God for all Creation
Oh! So precious in His sight

And all the things we do for others
A cheering smile, a friendly nod

Bring Jesus back to dwell among us
And bring us closer to our God.

Mike Morris
(Sacred Heart Parish, Manchester)

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