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Chocolate cross.

Jesus On A Chocolate Cross

“What’s it all about?” he asked.
“Easter?” Hands went up.
“Chocolate!” “Easter Eggs!” He smiled.
So young, so hard to catch.

The cream-filled eggs worked every year.
It made the trip to church a treat.
If Jesus had had chocolate, maybe;
Bread’s so everyday, so tame.

A loving parent gives a child
What’s good for him, not what he wants.
“They want it all today,” he thought
“And they still have it all.”

That Easter saw him occupied
With moulds and sugar ice,
Ready to feed the faithful
And fill their minds with wonder.

The children gaped, delighted,
While adults shook their heads.
The Bread of Life a chocolate cross,
A mockery, they held.

But “My flesh is real food”
The Lord had said, and “Suffer the
Little children ... , for of such as these
Is the kingdom of Heaven made.”

The Archbishop was not amused;
The priest was swiftly moved.
But children knew he was wise.
Sweet Jesus all needs satisfies.

Eleanor Dent

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