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Silky red cloth flowing down from one candle to another.

Endings and Beginnings

Time is running out
Sandy hourglass trickles steadily towards its end
Or a beginning?
Once filled with dreams and hopes,
       expectation and surprise
Of what each grain of sand might bring.

Happy faces, smiling faces,
       quiet times in peace and harmony.
Sad times of pain and struggle,
Of crossroads and crossed wires.
Colourful places fill to overflowing
       with energy and living.
Drab times of darkness, longing, awaiting the dawn.

Time is running out.
Time for me to let go and let be.
Time to turn to the west
And watch a glorious sun set on the horizon of life.
All things change and tomorrow
       - a new beginning, a new day,
A new dawning.

(Thoughts at the end of an era,
       a millenium and a new beginning)

Breda Gainey SSJA

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